Tenor drumming comes in colors

The flourishing from the tenor drummers is invented to catch the eyes of the pipe band spectators. Even behind a full piper corps tenor drummers are visible when they stick up their arms high in the air. For an even better visibility the tenor sticks nowadays come with heads and shafts in striking colors. Tenor sticks come in almost every coloration you can think of, to match with the bands appearance, or just for fun.


At Ace percussion they have almost every color available for the heads. The shafts are available in one, two or three colors. To top it off you can pick a metallic or sparkle finish.

Link: http://www.acepercussion.net


Designed by Scott Curry. Has two variations in colors. The Grand Slam has five colors to choose from and the Grand Slam Plus has twelve color variations. Both come with a black shaft.

Link: https://www.scottcurrieltd.com

Andante Quantum

Eleven different colors to choose from with a white plastic shaft.

The bass sticks are aswell available in eleven colors and have a wooden shaft.

Link: https://www.andantedrums.co.uk


The Beatstreet sticks are available in a great variety of colors and patterns. It is also possible to pick dual colors. The available shafts are wood or plastic. By picking the Articulate tenor sticks you are able to choose between a normal or smaller head to match with vary drum sizes.

The bass stick heads are available in large or small to support the players style. The density of the head can contribute to better handling the definition when beating the bassdrum.

Link: http://beatstreet.co.uk


Mayor sticks have wooden shafts and you can choose from 5 different colors.

Link: http://www.mayordrumsupply.com


At Proline they customly make tenor and bass sticks. With a wide variety of colors and the choice of different sizes for the plastic shaft. They also design and apply your logo on the sticks.

Link: http://prolinesticks.com


With TyFry Ultimate tenor sticks you can choose between a great variety of colors and the choice to pick different types of synthetic fur for the head and different shaft and flourish cords colors. The bass sticks are are available in the same colors and have a wooden shaft.

Link: https://tyfry.com

M&G bass mallets

The heads are available in 9 colors and have a wooden shaft.

Link: no link found

Twisted Thistle bass mallets

The Medalist and Max Attacks mallets are available in four colors and have a wooden shaft. Besides these two there is a Fat Boy and Classic version available in black and white.

Link: http://twistedthistle.com