Marching and Discipline

How tenor drummers can make the difference.

We must not forget that pipe bands originated from the Scottish military tradition and out of respect for this tradition we are bound to follow some rules. Our outfits must be clean and in perfect condition. Uniform means that we must wear our outfits in the same fashion. Same height of the hoses, same direction of the flashes, shoelaces tied in the same way and so on.

The marching itself must be tight. In a competition the performance starts with the band marching up to the line. Every member then marks at position and halt at the same moment. The marktime to halt position varies per band. The Pipe Major will then give the at ease signal. This means moving the left foot to the left to about 50-60 centimeters from the right foot. Simultaneously moving the left arm besides the body and the right arm in a fist on the lower back. After the approval from the judges the Pipe Major will give the attention signal. Subsequently the band marches towards the competition circle and forms a circle. After the mark time everyone has to come to the halt as one. Finally the march off after finishing playing. To win the marching and discipline prize all the above must be observed, but what if more bands give equal performances? Then we tenor drummers can make the difference. The best presentation for tenor drumming makes your band win the prize for best marching and discipline. Having good synchronised flourishes, same heights of the arms and motion time movements as a team will contribute to this.

Move as one, win as one.

Things to bare in mind, keep your uniform in good condition. If other players of the band are less tidy. Don’t take that as an excuse to do the same.